The Transfer Credit Database has been developed to assist you in discovering not only whether your community college courses will transfer but how they will transfer. PLEASE NOTE: To start, you will select two institutions, a “Transfer From” institution and a “Transfer To” institution. The “’Transfer From’ institution” will be the community college where you will take (or where you have taken) your courses, and the “’Transfer To’ institution” will be the four-year institution you want to transfer the credit to.

Here’s a guide to where you will find what you are looking for.

  • Course Equivalencies
    Go to this page if you wish to check how individual community college courses will transfer to any or all of the participating four-year institutions. The information from this part of the database will tell you whether a community college course will transfer in general, and, if the course does transfer, whether it has an equivalency at the four-year institution and whether it will satisfy general education.
  • Plan Academic Program
    Go to this page if you wish to review the graduation requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at any of the participating four-year colleges and universities.
    We encourage you to use the “Evaluate Transcript” function to see how the courses you have taken, or plan to take, fit with these requirements.
    PLEASE NOTE:  We are still in the process of developing this portion of the database, you will not yet find every major available at the participating schools.
  • Evaluate Transcript
    Go to this page if you wish to see how the community college classes you have taken, or plan to take, will transfer to a participating four year institution.
    The Recommended Transfer Program, or "RTP", Evaluation will allow you to insert your community college course selection into the Bachelor’s degree requirements for any of the majors listed at the four-year school you select.

    • You may also accomplish this electronically by following these steps:
      1. Log into the CCSNH Student Information System (SIS)
      2. Request an unofficial transcript by selecting “NH Transfer” Presses the Submit button
      3. This brings you to a signature page where you will receive a login and password
      4. In 24 hrs. you will be able to retrieve your unofficial transcript through the ARTSYS data base:

    In 24 hrs. – Go to

    1. Select NH Transfer Credit Database on left at top of blue box
    2. Use the drop down menu to find Evaluate Transcript and select
    3. This will bring you to Select Sending /Receiving Institution
    4. Use the drop down under ‘Transfer From Institution’ to select correct CCSNH institution
    5. Use the drop down under ‘Transfer To Institution’ to select choice of four year institutions
    6. This brings you to Select Method for Entering Courses
    7. Select Request Transcript
    8. Enter ID and password that you received through SIS
    9. Press Retrieve Entries.
    10. View unofficial transcript and receiving institution’s evaluation of each of the courses you have taken
  • Keyword Search
    There are five types of searches you may use at this page using a keyword. Go to this page if you wish to:
    • Search for a list of courses that  general education requirements at the community college
    • Search for a list of community college classes that satisfy general education requirements at a four-year  institution
    • Search by course title for a specific community college course number
    • Determine if a community college has a course that is equivalent to a four-year institution course
    • Determine if a community college has courses that are equivalent to any course at a four-year institution.

You may access further help on any page within the database by clicking on the “HELP” button in the upper right-hand corner.