Who is eligible for the NH Transfer Connection Program (NHTCP)?

All NH Community College System of Students and Granite State College Students enrolled in an associate degree program, seeking to transfer to a University System of NH Institution are eligible for the NHTCP.

Do I need to complete an associate's degree?

No, NHTCP does not require students to complete their associates degree. If your goal is simply to improve your academic preparedness for enrollment at a USNH institution you should follow the recommendations of that institution and apply for transfer whenever you determine is the most appropriate time. Students who have earned their associates degree are welcome to use the NH Transfer application. 

If you intend to complete your associate's degree, consider the Dual Admission program, a USNH and CCSNH partnership designed to help students earn both their associate's degree and bachelor's degree!

How many courses do I take each semester?

You should always consult an academic advisor before finalizing your course selection for any semester. After consulting your advisor, you, as an NHTCP student, may apply for transfer when you have determined it is the most appropriate time. If, after consulting your advisor, you discover that you need some developmental courses before completing the USNH transfer requirements, don’t panic. This will not disqualify you from admission.

Can I postpone participation in the NH Transfer Connections Program?

Yes, participation in the NHTCP can be postponed; however, the last institution that you attended must have been one of the 7 Community College System of New Hampshire institutions or a Granite State College Associate Program.

Can I defer acceptance to a participating four-year institution?

Yes, however if you choose to defer your acceptance you must “reactivate” your NH Transfer Connections Program application and send updated documents to the institution at the time you wish to be reconsidered. Generally deferment may not exceed one year.

Please be aware that choosing to defer acceptance for more than one year may disqualify you for the guarantee of on-campus housing at KSC.