Students & Parents

Students & Parents

Going to college makes a BIG difference and also can be a life-transforming experience. In addition to increasing your lifetime earning potential, it's a real opportunity to meet different types of people, explore new ideas, work with new technology and grow personally. Not ready yet to dive right into full-time classes at a four-year college or university, or maybe you're considering a two-year community college? Check out the many opportunities in New Hampshire .

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    The earnings advantage

    People with a bachelor's degree earn 61% more annually than people with only a high school diploma. That adds up to over $1,000,000 of added income over a lifetime of work! Going to college can also be a true life-transforming experience. It's a real opportunity to meet different types of people, explore new ideas, work with new technology, grow personally and discover yourself.

    The New Hampshire advantage

    When you attend college in New Hampshire, you can enjoy what many call the "New Hampshire Advantage," living in a beautiful and vibrant state full of opportunities.

    New Hampshire has a rich history of post-secondary education, and the state's public and private colleges offer a vast array of programs, facilities, services and lifestyles for you to choose from. Pursuing an education here you will enjoy:

    • Affordable college opportunities: If you are a New Hampshire resident, you pay reduced tuition rates when attending New Hampshire institutions. In-state rates are designed to help make college more affordable for residents.
    • Being close to home but "far away": If you are looking forward to going away to college but still want to be close enough to visit with family and friends, attending college in New Hampshire provides the best of both worlds.
    • Employer connections: Each New Hampshire college has connections with employers in New Hampshire, providing opportunities for internships, part-time employment, job shadowing and statewide job fairs to get your foot in the door of a company that is a good match for your interests and skills. Additional information about internships through these institutions is available on their websites.
    • A wide range of business types and sizes: New Hampshire is home to small and large businesses, including high-tech and traditional enterprises, entrepreneurial start-ups and well-established companies, office settings and less structured work environments. Wherever your interests lie, New Hampshire's economy can provide you with opportunities for professional fulfillment that can be reached via an in-state college or university.
    • Strong state economy: Economic studies have demonstrated that the New Hampshire economy has weathered the recent recession far better than other states and residents enjoy one of the highest median income levels in the country.
    • High quality of life: Going to college in New Hampshire gives you an early opportunity to begin to build a life and career in a state with a quality of life that is the envy of other states. You can enjoy the pristine environment; endless recreational activities in the state's parks, beaches, historic sites and mountains; a wide array of dining, lodging, cultural and entertainment options; a low overall tax burden; a vibrant business climate; a low crime rate; and accessible state government.

    NOTE: The NH Transfer website provides a general guide of courses and programs that are designed to be easily transferable from New Hampshire Community Colleges to the participating four-year colleges and universities.

    Although every effort is made to ensure that this website is current, students are encouraged to seek information specific to their own situation by referring to the catalog and contacting an advisor at the institution of their choice. Final determinations regarding transfer credits will be made by the accepting institution.